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Starting a new life

I was reading up an interview by former first lady Laura Bush. One of the things that struck me is how humble they have been in their private life. I really cannot see in my mind former president riding on … Continue reading

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C# pirates

Yesterday I came across a wonderful coding challenge. C# pirates is a game developed by software architects. Basically you need to write a player and upload your player to their site to compete against other players. The game is a … Continue reading

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Personal productivity quotes

J. D. Meier has a nice collection of personal productivity quotes I really struggle with “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. ” – Lao Tzu Need to work really hard on my procrastination problem.

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.NET Application architecture videos on web

J. D. Meier has compiled an extensive list of videos to watch .NET Application architecture videos on web. Enjoy!

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How to write a short e-book

I have been thinking about how to spell out some of the ideas that i have regarding development, investing etc. Writing a book seems a natural way because it not only puts the idea out but clarifies the thinking as … Continue reading

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How to post C# code in wordpress

This is a code is generated using c# code format at But wordpress does not allow to include the necessary CSS files to be included in the header. For that you need to pay 4 cents a day. So … Continue reading

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Publishing C# code by copying pasting directly from Visual studio into w.blogger

Hello here is some code using w.blogger. I really liked the way it works, no need to store the posts locally you can retrieve published posts and edit them and re-publish them. It’s cool!. My only concern is when i … Continue reading

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