That is where and from them all we come from

You see the sun, the moon, the stars, the mountains, the flowers, etc. that is where and from them all we come from. How true it is. Poetically that’s just beautiful, but scientifically inclined folks cannot deny the facts too. we all are made of proton, neutrons (well you can argue muon, pions). All the things of the world and beyond are made up of the same particles (as far as we know right).

But Alas! I somehow know with the utmost conviction that I am not this laptop nor the printing paper nor the telephone nor the monitor nor the keyboard etc. So I go ahead and destroy anything I like and feel no remorse. How did I come to this conclusion with such conviction and Bob Randall was able to come to a such a whole encompassing conviction. Hope I am not the only one holding such twisted convictions. We all can use a little bit compassion towards things.
Help me God. Thanks Bob!

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