Khwajaji – a beautiful sufi song

Sufi is a rather under advertised religious tradition. At least I don’t see much organizations for such traditions. I am not sure why that is so. They pray to god to make themselves the beloved. The sufi whirls (towards the end of the song) is very symbolic too. If you notice they have one hand up in the air and another towards ground. What that signifies is they have open heart to anything that god present to them (the hand towards heaven) and they also have open heart toward anything that is taken away from them (the hand towards ground). They just want to be like a conduit for the cosmic play.

Well that’s quite hard practice isn’t it? How can we not feel angry when the boss comes and screams at us or the other driver cuts in front of us right (accept everything that god throws at us) or when we loose our job or house or heck we don’t get our favorite dinner (accept everything that god takes from us). God seems quite unfair that he demand such high order from us right? We all have gone through these quite familiar feelings multiple times and learned nothing. A song probably will not change anything. But who knows!

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One Response to Khwajaji – a beautiful sufi song

  1. fgbouman says:

    I was lucky enough to see some Sufi dancing in Turkey and to be able to visit the shrine of Rufi. However I didn’t really “get it” until I heart this song while I was watching Jodhaa Akbar. I think that this song should be mandatory listening for every xenophobic wingnut at loose in the land. Truly a beautifully done rendition the was over too soon. It makes one want to look into Sufism more deeply.

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