My Reading list

  Currently readings:

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life                                

Programming WCF services                                                               


Programming .NET 3.5                                          


Future List:

The general theory of Employment, Interest and Money



I am That                                                               


Past readings:

The power of now 

A new earth


Active portfolio management

Analysis of financial time-series 

The alchemist

The wealthy barber 

Practical Speculation

Dividends don’t lie

A brief history of time

Fire your stock Analyst

The Art of war

The path finder

How to get into top MBA programs

One up on Wall street 

 Patterns of Enterprise application architecture            

 UML Distilled

Test Driven development in Microsoft.NET

 Intelligent investor

The richest Man in Babylon

Think and grow rich

The mythical Man-Month

Judgement in managerial decision making


Aims of Education

Microsoft SQL server 2000 performance and optimization         

Finance in a Nutshell 

On Intelligence

Lateral thinking

Six thinking hats

The 7 habits of highly successful people

 NLP at work

Slack: Getting past burnout

Death March

Extreme programming explained

Design patterns

Code complete

The pragmatic programmer


Joel on software

Secret of consulting

The Tao of Physics

Professional SQL server 2000 programming             

Inside Microsoft SQL server 2000

Professional .NET Franework 2.0

Advanced .NET remoting

Rapid Development

Object oriented Design Heuristics

Effective C#

 Code generation in Microsoft.NET

Effective Java

Working effectively with Legacy Code




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